Array Training Centre tackles alcohol misuse in the workplace

Aberdeen based, Array Training donates £1,000 to local charity DRiNKLiNK, with the aim to reduce the risk of alcohol misuse to businesses across the North East.

The Array Training offer total training solutions, providing consultancy, training and examination training services to the in-service inspection industry.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Ray Wilson, Managing Director of Rigmar Training Centre said: ‘DRiNKLiNK achieved charity status just one month before the launch of the Rigmar Training Centre. We are pleased to get involved with DRiNKLiNK at such an early stage and help the organisation to reach its 2013 fundraising target. Alcohol misuse poses significant risk in the workplace and we are delighted to support an organisation that shares our objective of create a safe working environment for staff.’

The donation will be put towards the development of an online information portal, expected to launch in May 2013. The portal will be developed in furtherance of DRiNKLiNK’s objective to promote supportive information to those affected by alcohol misuse within their family, friends and workplace.

As well as making a financial donation, the Rigmar Training Centre has also contributed towards the website content, suggesting information topics useful to employers and employees alike when implementing an alcohol policy.

DRiNKLiNK Chairperson, Stacey Summers, said the website will be an important resource for businesses and commented: ‘Alcohol misuse costs the UK economy £6bn a year and an estimated 17 million working days are lost each year by people missing work due to the effects of alcohol. Unsupported by a robust alcohol policy and implementation strategy, businesses are at significant risk of legal prosecution.

‘Regardless of size, all businesses must protect themselves from alcohol in the workplace and through the new website, we will provide information on the roles and responsibilities throughout all levels of the organisation.

‘For the website to be successful, we need to understand the needs of out target audience and the input offered by Rigmar Training Centre and our partners will help us to do this. DRiNKLiNK is still in its embryonic stages and we were delighted have the support of the training provider.’

Ray Wilson Launches Rigmar Training Centre

In August 2012, Ray Wilson FIAQP, MInstNDT, LEP launched a news NDE and Rope Access Training Centre in Aberdeen.

Ray launched the Rigmar Training Centre and as Managing Director was responsible for the development of a range of solutions to meet the NDE and Rope Access Training needs of the in-service inspection industry.

Ray is equipped with over 22 years experience working in the industry.

Speaking of his role, Ray said, ‘Rigmar Training Centre aims to be the Centre of Excellence  providing  NDE and Rope Access training services to the industry and as Managing Director I will play a key role to ensure both this vision and our ambitious growth objectives are met.’

In furtherance of this aim, Rigmar Training Centre has invested £0.5 million to create a state of the art NDE and Rope Access Training facility based in East Tullos, Aberdeen.

Ray is set to manage a 7 strong team and speaking of their capability said, ‘Since our launch, Rigmar Training Centre received a high demand for its services both locally and internationally. Having had a strong involvement in the development of the team, I am confident that we are supported by the expertise, facility and equipment to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction during a period of accelerated growth.’

Over the next 12 months, Rigmar Training is looking to appoint a further 5-7 staff in order to accommodate increased demand for its services.


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