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Radiographic Interpretation Level II

Duration: 7 Days



Radiographic Interpretation is a NDT Method of interpreting radiographs from testing of materials, using     X-ray or gamma ray in order to asses internal structures to reveal flaws or any other internal fabrication errors. 

Candidates will gain an enhanced understanding of Radiographic Interpretation Inspection that will enable them to implement this NDE method competently.

This course is available under the PCN and ASNT schemes. 


The course combines practical workshops with classroom theory and will be assessed under examination conditions.

The course syllabus covers:

  • Origin and nature of radiography
  • Radiation producing equipment 
  • Production of radiation
  • Film processing and interpretation


Further training is also covered at the Array Training Centre and covers:

  • Radiographic film interpretation 
  • Radiographic techniques and procedures


Language:  English


Location: Aberdeen


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